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Premium Tutoring:
Parents and teachers receive weekly progress including attendance verification
Materials are provided for math and reading remediation
Diagnostic pre-test and post-test is included
Direct instructions not computer or internet based
Available anytime, anywhere
Research tutors qualifications in our database prior to meeting tutor
All Subjects, All Ages:
Math, Reading, Science, Homework, Foreign Languages, Test Prep, and more.
Elementary, Middle, High School, College, and Adults
Affordable and Convenient:
Available in the privacy of your home or any other location
Rates starting at $40 per hour.
1st hour is always FREE!
Customer Chooses Tutor:
Select a tutor that matches your student.s needs from our database
Over 1,000 tutors are available
If you are not satisfied with the tutor you selected, return to TutorWell and select another
Qualified and Safe:
All tutors are highly qualified and certified
All tutors have passed background and fingerprint checks.
Money Back Guarantee:
Remaining balance will be refunded if customer is not satisfied after trying 3 different tutors
No Long Term Contract:
Select a 10, 20, 40, or 60 hour packages and used them when you want.
1st Hour is always FREE!
First session is a 2-hour session but you are only charged for 1 hour.