The 5 step process & instructions info

1. Enter zip code and/or subject to search for one of our highly qualified tutors in your area.

2. Click on "View Tutor's Bio" to see more information on each tutor that appeared on your search to view their qualifications.

3. Click on "Contact Tutor" to communicate with the tutor(s) of your choice. Tutor(s) will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss your educational needs and schedule.

4. After you have communicated with the tutor of your choice, find the tutor again on and click on "Select Tutor..

5. Enter your student's information to create a student account and select one of our seven tutoring packages.


You can pay with any major credit card on-line or by phone by calling 1-800-975-7898. Tutors are not allowed to accept payment from customer. His or her contract will be terminated if they do; therefore, please do not ask tutor to accept payment from you. Once payment is received, tutor will automatically receive an email indicating that you have chosen them and to start tutoring.

FREE Books

After the initial $30 per subject fee, students will receive FREE books for as long as tutoring is continuous in math and reading remediation . For example, student may start at Level 4 booklet and finish at level 6. You will pay $30 for level 4 booklet but will receive Level 5 and level 6 for free. There is no book fee for students that are using their own books for homework assistance tutoring.

Changing Tutor

If you are unsatisfied with the selected tutor at anytime, simply call 954-533-0661 or 800-975-7898 and we will assign a new tutor with no questions asked.

Progress Reports

You will receive a daily progress report from tutorwell via email. Tutor will include how long the session was, subject tutored, concept covered, and a measurable comment on how the student did during the session. You can choose to send this report to student's teacher by entering his or her email address on the 2nd email field. Teacher can then correspond with tutor on a regular basis.

Refund Policy

If you are unsatisfied with the tutoring, we will refund the remaining balance on your account. If you do not finish the initial monthly package (minimum 3 months) or initial hourly package, we will simply charge the hours used at corresponding hourly rate ($38-55) and refund the difference.